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Rabithah Alawiyah


Rabithah Alawiyah, or previously known as al-Rabithatoel Alawijah is an organization whose aims are facilitating and assisting in promoting the life standards, economically, educationally, and behaviorally, among the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon Him, in particular, and the muslim people of Indonesia, in general.

Rabithah Alawiyah (RA) was founded officially in December 27th, 1928 in Jakarta under the authority of Mr. A.H. Van Ophuijsen from The Dutch Government, and signed by GR. Erdbrink.

The main activities of RA are in the social fields, and sheltering, and educating orphans. And RA established a special body in August 12, 1931, concentrating in housing and caring of orphans and educating them, chaired for the first time by Sayyid Abubakar bin Muhammad al-Habsyi. This body is famous as Daarul Aitam.

RA and Daarul Aitam have become active, until now, in supporting disadvantaged people and orphaned children around Indonesia, following natural disasters, such as Tsunami in Aceh in 2004, earthquake in West Sumatra in 2009, volcano eruptions in Central Java in 2010, and many others in other places around the country.

RA and Daarul Aitam have also established cooperation with many foreign countries and organizations, like Oman Charitable Organization.

RA also cares for promoting high health standards, with building a clinic and facilitating good services for public.

RA Ambulance From Oman Charitable Org


Cooperation Between RA and Oman Charitable Organization


Aids for Disaster Victims in West Sumatra 2009


RA Board Members in West Sumatra 2009


RA Health Service


RA Health Service


RA Public Clinic


RA Dental Polyclinic