Work Programmes of Rabithah Alawiyah 2011-2016



  1. Preserving Maktab Daimi as the only institution of Alawiyin lineage.
  2. Updating Alawiyin data.
  3. Training and recruitment of cadres preservation lineage.
  4. Preserving cooperation with similar institutions abroad lineage.
  5. Preserving research on the tribes in a large family of Alawiyin inside and outside the country.
  6. Ask for the active participation of Maktab Daimi and branches.


  1. Socialize Thoriqoh Alawiyyah among Alawiyin family and public society.
  2. Making Rabithah Alawiyah as a mediator for Alawiyin and the general public regarding the Islamic law in accordance with Thariqah Alawiyyah.
  3. Actively participate and engage with community organizations, Islamic institutions, and government agencies.
  4. A place for unifying the preachers of Thoriqoh Alawiyyah by helping and enabling the message of the preachers to areas in the gathering forum.
  5. Protect Alawiyin from the apostate programs that are comprehensive.


  1. Build cooperation between Rabithah Alawiyah with educational & boarding institutions and create an educational association database which is managed by Alawiyin.
  2. Scholarships for Alawiyin students achievement / college students achievement who can not afford.
  3. Promote scholarship opportunities from abroad and overseas institutions and equalization between graduates in the country and abroad.
  4. Establish a forum of communication between Alawiyin students in every college and establish a national youth organization of Alawiyin.
  5. Popularize the website and create subdomains and email groups of Rabithah Alawiyah in providing information about Rabithah Alawiyah activities.


  1. Increase the number of regular supporters.
  2. Pursue and establish relationships with funding agencies from within and outside the country.
  3. Increasing acceptance of zakat, Infaq, and shodaqoh.
  4. Forming a cooperative business entity to finance Rabithah Alawiyah activities.
  5. Increase support and distribution for Alawiyin paupers.


  1. Coordinate educational institution curriculum which based on Thariqah Alawiyah.
  2. DPP initiated with Alawiyin in the area to open a branch of Rabithah Alawiyah.
  3. Helping Himpunan Pengusaha Dan Profesional Alawiyin (HIPPA).
  4. Brought Syarifah together under one agency official.