Rabithah Cares

Widow’s house

DPP provide program of building benefaction house for the widows at Sentul, start from get four house built and will have continue along with the participation from the donors who wants to give alms Jariyah.

Clinic (RHC Denstistry Clinic)


Another social activities are establish clinic either for paupers or for public which named Rabi’ah Health Center –located at Yakif Building, Buncit Raya, Jakarta Selatan–. This clinic implement cross-subsidy –funds obtained from the public services used to finance the paupers–. Unfortunately, until know the operational cost of this clinic still depends on subsidy from Rabithah, it becomes burdensome for Rabithah financial, due to the increasing cost for medicine and hospital whilst the clinic must remain funded, principally for rent the office which cost approximately 120 million per year. Only dentistry clinic able to stand without subsidy (outside rent the office).


Formation of cooperatives start with the establishment of Koperasi Bina Umat. This cooperative provide food ingredients for sale to the cooperatives members and some companies. Currently, this cooperative already benefit, even though the progress still far from what was expected from the founders. Until today Koperasi Bina Umat was share profit of 50 million to Rabithah.

Mass Circumcision

With the permission of Allah SWT, Rabithah Alawiyah had done any social activities, one of them is mass circumcision, hopefully it can continues regularly.


Educational program being a priority between the other working program on Rabithah Alawiyah. By all its limitation, RA has provided scholarship for the pauper students, start from elementary school until college level. Rabithah persuade people to working together to provide help for this program through infaq or shadaqah.

Help For The Victims Of Natural Disaster

Rabithah Alawiyah never miss to help the victims of natural disaster, such as Yogyakarta and Padang as well as Jakarta flood by distributing groceries, medicine and build the post for the victims.