Student Scholarships

Requirement of the Student scholarships are:

Terms of foster care for Elementary School (SD / MI), Junior High School (SMP / MTs) and High School (SMA / MA).

1. Applying by a verbal request, a month before the new school year
2. Bringing the requirements specified at the time the new school year to begin, while the requirements are:

A. For an up level

– Copy of parent ID

– Copy of Family Card (KK)

– Copy of Rapport

– Copy of fees card (SPP)

– Photograph 4 x 6 (2 sheets)

B. For those who had been graduate and planning to go on to the next level

– A copy of a parent ID

– Copy of Family Card

– Copy of graduation report cards (SKL)

– A copy of ijazah and the National Examination score

– Photograph 4 x 6 (2 sheets)

– Bring acceptable proof of the new school and its school requirements (school brochure)

*) Tuition assistance is given only for two children in one family


Please submit your submission files to:

Rabithah Alawiyah Tanah Abang

Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur No. 17

Tanah Abang

Telp: (021) 3145675