Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association of Alawiyyin Indonesia

A New Hope


 “Ambitious Project of Minang young merchant,” as the title of a story in one of the mass media internet sites in 2008, who preached the establishment of associations of young entrepreneurs Minang origin. By building synergies among the Minangkabau businessmen from all over Indonesia, the association aims to help the region in order to get ahead and survive the onslaught of the economic crisis at that time. Almost similar to that spirit, on last 17 September 2011, at the Arkadia office complex, Jakarta, has declared the establishment of the Association of Businessmen and Professionals Alawiyyin or HIPPA. Association was founded with the aim to create networking among entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as youth empowerment Alawiyyin in Indonesia, which in turn is expected to impact on improving the quality of life in general Alawiyyin.

Activities facilitated by the Business Sector of DPP (Central Representative Council) of Rabithah Alawiyah was opened by the Chairman of the DPP, Zen bin Umar Smith. Also present at the event Dr. Ir. Fadel Muhammad, who was then serving as Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, along with over 150 other people who come from the entrepreneurs and professionals in various fields. In addition to speech and presentation of the Rabithah Alawiyah profile which is made by the Chairman of the DPP, the event is filled also by two other speakers, namely Dr. Ir. Fadel Muhammad and Ustadz Ali Albahar. The event starts at 19:00 beginning with dinner together and due to the very conducive atmosphere, most participants still stay until the end of the event at around 23:00, with the previously closed by discussion and prayer.

In the presentation by Zen bin Umar Smith, revealed that although so far has been many activities relatively undertaken by Rabithah Alawiyah in an effort to help the Alawiyyin family in Indonesia, but admittedly it is still far from the expectations due to the complexity of the problem. Therefore, the presence of HIPPA is expected to be a partner in the DPP Rabithah Alawiyah overcome some issues in the community and in particular Alawiyyin Indonesian Muslims in general. Meanwhile, in his presentation, Bapak Dr. Ir. Fadel Muhammad emphasized the importance of all Alawiyyin entrepreneurs and professionals to come together and work together to jointly build Alawiyyin community to progress and develop well. Because according to him, the resources owned by the community is very large and it will be loss if not optimized. Therefore, he strongly supports the establishment of all HIPPA and expressed willingness to help. In line with the two speakers above in his Tausiyah, Ustadz Ali Albahar said that the activities that will be carried HIPPA is part of getting good of the world that will ultimately lead to the good of the Hereafter.

Not long after the event, as a first step for the establishment of a real HIPPA, was formulated by a team formation consisting of five (5) people businessmen and professionals, vision, mission and goals set. Similarly, the organizational structure is expected to be filled by young people who have the potential and a strong commitment to promoting community HIPPA and Alawiyyin. It has been planned that around November or December 2011, the National Assembly will be conducted (General Assembly) is the first in Jakarta and it has been formed for the management of temporary (Ad Hoc) consisting of  Umar Achmad Mulachela as chairman and assisted by Drs. Alaydrus Yahya Ismail, MM as treasurer, and Dr. Husin Alatas as secretary. The main task of the interim management is to prepare everything related to the implementation of the next General Assembly. Among them is to collect data and networking members through the social networking site for professionals Linkedln, besides the conventional way via person-to-person networking is done among others in the establishment of the 17th of September 2011. Until now has been recorded more than fifty people who joined the site, ranging from IT professionals to businessmen shipping. Seeing the diversity of background and enthusiasm, it is not impossible HIPPA one day become a force to reckon with in the community.

In his message, the chairman of HIPPA hope that there will be more entrepreneurs and professionals who will join Alawiyyin to benefit each other by the exist relationship. Uttered by him, one of the functions is HIPPA will act as a facilitator for members to be able to give mutually benefit from each other for the common interest among its members, and to establish a new business based on the exist relationship. Besides, he hopes that HIPPA also emphasizes its social function in empowering youth Alawiyyin, through the provision of employment and training such as entrepreneurship and others, as well as help programs undertaken by Rabithah Alawiyah in the dignity of a great Alawiyyin family.

An expectation has now been born. The power of unity is a necessity for all of us to move towards a brighter future and to pursue the life of the world that is able to provide for the good life hereafter. Hopefully HIPPA, in accordance with its objectives, can significantly contribute to the advancement of all of us. For that, the support and participation of all parties is necessary for success.