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My colleague Steve Sudjatmiko, Managing Partner of Red Pyramid Consulting had her experience when the first college in the United States Department of Psychology. In the lecture, the professor giving the final project to the students. His job surveying the beggars in the street with a question that has been determined. Then move them towards the crossroads or the slums.

Question posed to the beggars was, “Do first Father / Mother aspires to become a beggar?” The whole 100% of respondents answered, “Absolutely not”. The second question, “Well, what the ideals of Father / Mother before becoming a beggar?” Or earlier asked, “Do before becoming a beggar, Mr / Ms have ideals?” Some answers have no ideals, others-and It is interesting they actually have ideals.

When asked whether his ideals, among the answer is, “Want to succeed”, “Want to succeed”, “Want to rich,” “Want to be useful for the country”, and so on.
Is there anything wrong with the ideal of “noble” them? Of course not, all that good. It’s just that their ideals are not the focus. When mentioning “to succeed”, what kind of success that they think?

They themselves do not understand so do not know how to achieve it. As a result, because the ideals are clearly not wanted to be uncertain of their lives-one as a result they become beggars like fate today.

Often we do not pay attention to the ideals of our children. Once they say something good, we are quite satisfied. Though their goals must be clear, the focus should be. And then we tried desperately to help them to reach his goals were. If it is not clear, how we can help. There are also people who philosophize, to live like water. Flow alone. Yet the nature of water flow to a lower place. Surely to the sea. Uh, not necessarily. Just look around us, lots of running water and stalled in the trenches, in the gutter, in septitank, etc. rather than out to sea.

That is, even though the flow of water flowing into the lower should be directed to the right places so as not to flood or a foul smell and eventually arrived on the high seas.
We often hear the jargon of a beverage product advertising on television, “I know what I want”. There is truth in such jargon is inculcated to our children. Fadlan time my son was age 5 and a half years when asked what his goals are always answered, “Want to be a fighter pilot, I’ll be a war against Israel,” he said aloud. It seems his goal brought the event several years ago when Israel was bombarding our brothers in Palestine. I also mengamininya while saying, “If you want to be a pilot let alone a fighter pilot teeth should be nice and strong, there should be no holes.

So be diligent toothbrush Fadlan yes. “We could justify his ideals while developing positive attitudes and habits toward that direction. We should know what we want. For our children are still underage, of course, we who drive what dimauinya it into something good and in line with the will of God. Thus we have to educate our children to be children visionary, capable of looking far ahead.

Prophet Muhammad was a very visionary. In his saying, from his Tsauban Saw, said:
“Verily Allah constrict the earth for me so I looked east and west. Verily my Ummah would get to the kingdom of the twisted area to me, and I was given (God) of two deposits (Kisro government and the emperor in Iraq and Syria) and the red and white (gold and silver) …. “(Hadith Muslim).

A vision that far ahead and we are witnessing history has proved the truth of the Prophet. Before it’s too late, let us teach our children to have the ideals of good and clear. Then our guide, accompany and support them to attain. And Allah knows best.


By: Ir. Budi Handrianto MPd.I

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