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 Ahmad F. Assegaf

Asian Physics Symposium (APS)

On 10-12 July 2012 has held the Asian Physics Symposium (APS) at the Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB), the physicist gathering event in Asia. One month before the event my thesis supervisor Dr. Husin Alatas told me by text message, that my research entitled “The bifurcation of Heteroclinic to Homoclinic Connection of Static Fluxon in S / F / S Long Josephson Junction” will be published in the event the Asian Physics Symposium. Suddenly I was immediately thankful to God for this gift, it turns physics theory research I spent over a year was obtain result.

When I attended at the event of APS, I was amazed because it was attended by the Professors of Physics from abroad such as Prof. Dr. Takashi Sakuma from Japan, Prof.. Dr. Pankajkumar Natawawlal Gajjar from India, the Doctoral and Doctoral Candidate, and a minimum of them are master Physics (S2). Almost all of them are lecturer. Looks like I was the youngest, a month ago I was graduated from my bachelor degree.

On the sidelines of the event crossed my mind this might be one step to won the Nobel Prize in Physics regarding it had been 30 years earlier, Abdus Salam —the only Muslim physicist from Pakistan— won the 1979 Nobel Prize in Physics. Hopefully later I became the second Muslim who have win the Nobel of Physics, but maybe it’s just a dream for me.

I was amazed with ITB campus, Insyaallah if there is a fortune later, I want to continue studying in ITB for post graduate program (master or doctorate level). Maybe I can achieved my dreams by study there, or at least, Insya allah my physics studies would be published in the International Journal of Physics later.

However I was very grateful to Allah and thank to Rabithah Alawiyah which has provided college scholarships from the beginning of my study until I was graduated my bachelor degree. Hopefully Rabithah Alawiyah remain committed and continue providing college scholarships for other Alawiyyin.

Alhamdulillah, I was able to bring the good name of Alawiyyin, and especially in that Journal of Physics APS, my name was written as Ahmad F. Assegaf, see my family name had written. May this be a battering ram that we Alawiyin not only famous in the world, with the ‘Jago Kandang’ (meaning alawiyin just terrific and well versed in the religious field.) But Insyaallah, Alawiyin will also be able and excellent to compete in the field of Science and Technology.

Later at the event also informed that the results of my research work at the Asian Physics Physics Symposium will be published also in the United States at the American Institute of Physics (AIP), over again I was very grateful to hear that. This is all thanks to my thesis supervisor, Dr.. Husin Alatas, who patiently guided and taught my physics research. Someday, I want to be like him, being a physics professor and researcher whose research has been published in many internationally event. Insyaallah, I believe that someday I would be someone like him.