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Nowadays, there are many western cultures that influence Muslim’s personality; and it happens many times within the young people in particular and Muslim people in general. Most of them are amazed by the western life styles that are not reflecting Islamic cultures. We can see this condition in our daily life such as dressing style, fashion style, moral, and action. Free social interaction, mini dress/clothes that shows aurat (part of body that should not be shown to other people), music that could arouse lust, and others has became usual things among us. We cannot let this condition keep occurring. It is time for us to fix this condition and build Muslims’ personality in accordance with Islam teachings. Al-Qur’an and sunnah are two heritages from Rasulullah SAW that should be referred by every Muslim person in every single aspects in life. One of the important aspects of life is creation and development of Muslims’ personality.

Muslims’ personality that is wanted by Al-Qur’an and sunnah is the virtuous personality, a person whose attitude, speaking, and actions are colored by values which come from Allah SWT.  The society’s perceptions concerning Muslims’ personality are different from one another, even there are many people whose understandings are very shallow and so they think that muslim’s personality reflected only on they who always do Islamic actions from the ubudiyah aspect, while it is only one of the aspects that should be existed in a muslim’s personality. Therefore, standardization of Muslims’ personality based on Al-Qur’an and sunnah is something that should be defined, and so it could be a reference in creating muslim’s personality. If it is being simplify, at least there are 10 profiles or special characteristic that should be existed in the personality of each muslims:

1.    Salimul Aqidah

Clean aqidah (Salimul aqidah) is something that should be existed in every muslim. With clean aqidah, a muslim will have strong bond with Allah SWT and by the strong bond, he will not diverge from Allah’s ways and determinations. With clean and strong aqidah, a muslim will surrender all of his actions to Allah SWT as mentioned in His verses: “In essence, my prayers, my worships, my life and death, all is for Allah the Creator of all nature”. (QS 6:162)

2.    Shahihul Ibadah

The right worship (shahihul ibadah) is one of the Rasulullah SAW important orders. In one of his hadits, he stated that: “Pray as you saw me prayed”. From this hadits, we can conclude that in doing every prayers we have to refer to sunnah Rasulullah SAW which means there should be no deduction or addition.

3.    Chusnul Khuluq

Noble moral is an attitude and behavior that should be had by every muslim, either in his relationship with Allah SWT or with His creations. With noble moral, human will be happy in life, either in this world or in the afterlife. Because of the importance in having noble moral, then Allah SWT sent Rasulullah SAW to fix moral and he, himself, has shown us his noble moral. Allah SWT mentioned this in Al-Qur’an: “And you (Muhammad) really have noble morals” (QS. 68: 4)

4.    Qowiyyul Jismi

Physical strength (Qowiyyul Jismi) is one of muslims’ personalities that should be existed. Physical strength means that a muslim has strong body immune / endurance and so he could do Islamic teachings optimally with his strong physic. Prayer, fasting, zakat and hajj are deeds in Islam that should be done with strong and healthy physic, moreover to do war in the path of Allah SWT and other forms of efforts. Therefore, physical health should be the priority for muslim as well as avoiding diseases are much more important than medication. Nevertheless, sickness is something that should not be worried about if it happens sometimes, and as strong as possible we should not be sick too often. Because of the importance of physical health, Rasulullah SAW said: “I love stronger mu’min more than the weak mu’min”. (HR Muslim)

5.    Mutsaqqohul Fikri

Smart in thinking (mutsaqqoful fikri) is one of the important muslim’s personalities. This is one of characteristics of Rasulullah which is Fathonah (smart) and Al-Qur’an mentioned this matter in its verses to stimulate human to think, for example, Allah SWT said, “They asked you about khamar (alcoholic drink) and gambling. Say: ‘There are huge sins and some benefits for human in those two things, but the sins are much bigger than its benefits’. And they asked you what they should give. Say: ‘More than necessity’. And so Allah explains His verses to you for you to think”. (QS. 2: 219)

In Islam, we have to think before we do something. Therefore, a muslim should have strong Islamic knowledge and wide acquaintance. We can imagine how dangerous it could be if someone is doing an action without thinking the risk or impact of its action. Therefore, Allah SWT is asking us about the level of someone’s intellectual as mentioned in His verses: “say it, is it the same those who acknowledged and those who did not? Only those who think will get the lessons”. (QS. 39:9)

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