Zakat Recipients, Infaq, and Shadaqah

Alhamdulillah, we all know that are deserve to receive zakat (almustahiq) consists of the groups: fakir, miskin, amil, muallaf, riqab, gharimin, fi sabilillah, and ibn sabil.

Zakat is an obligatory worship of maaliyah that should be done if the terasure of it zakawiyah has reached nishab and through one year of Qomariyah.

The Infaq is a treasure given by the owner by requirement for used/given to a certain group or with a particular purpose and including to non-zakat treasure. Recipients of Infaq can be either an-eight of ashnaf or not.

While Sadaqah is a treasure given by their owners unconditionally and are the property of non-zakat. Recipients of Sadaqah may be anyone.

Some of the benefits of zakat, infaq, and Sadaqah:

1. The main indicators of devotion to Allah (Qur’an 2:83)

2. Wasilah to get happiness from Allah (Qur’an 23:4)

3. Wealth and soul cleansing, and prayers of Allah and His Prophet Muhammad (Qur’an 9:109)


Distributes Zakat, infaq and your Sadaqah through

BCA                     504 0303 300     a/n Rabithah Alawiyah (zakat)

BCA                     504 0099 001     a/n Rabithah Alawiyah (infaq/shadaqah)

CIMB Niaga     00101 41413 006   a/n Ikatan Rabithah Alawiyah (infaq/shadaqah)

CIMB Niaga     00102 23478 003   a/n Ikatan Rabithah Alawiyah (USD)


Distribution of Zakat

Announcements Rabithah mandated distribute alms to the poor especially.
• While acting as Amil, Rabithah Alawiyah not take part as Amil, and always works with its own capabilities.

Alhamudulillah, Allah always give us ease and InshaAllah will always facilitate all our good deeds.


Channeling Infaq and Sadaqah

Channeling infaq and Sadaqah implemented through direct distribution to:
• foster children in education start from Elementary level until University level,
• victims of natural disasters,
• inpatients,
• mass circumcision,
• aid the body (car, shrouds, and other purposes),
• ambulance,
• others social assistance.